These are two very special charities that are very dear to my heart. Grab a glass of wine and have a look.

Also if you were wanting to kick your litre of salted caramel ice cream every two days habit (no judgment) and put the money into something else you can donate the ice cream money by clicking either of the links below..


PCD is a rare lung disease my beautiful Nephew Harry and Niece Violet were born with. Harry is funny, smart and a killer drummer, and Violet is loud fearless and thinks everything is ‘mazing’. I want to help them breathe better for a long time. As PCD is a rare disease it has limited funding. If you want to help out or even just learn more about what slows my Harry, and Violet down have a read.


I’m a proud ambassador of Rafiki Mwema and my heart has been stolen by the stories – the reality – of these children’s lives. Kids who should be in kindergarten surviving and living with no families. Girls sold into all kinds of horrors by the adults that should be protecting them. Have a look and decide for yourself if you want to support this amazing charity.